Notice of Transfer of Preneed Contract:

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G.H. Herrmann Funeral Home
1505 South East Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

Designation of Successor Seller
(Indiana Code 30-2-13-13)

Please be advised that G.H. Herrmann Funeral Home has been designated the “Successor Seller” on the Preneed contract identified above.  G.H. Herrmann Funeral Home is willing to accept the designation of Successor Seller and otherwise fulfill the subject Preneed contract according to its terms.

    You are authorized to rely on this Notice of Transfer and to, within Thirty (30) day of receipt of this notice:
  • Relinquish and transfer to G.H. Herrmann Funeral Home all rights under the subject preneed contract;
  • Transfer the preneed contract to G.H. Herrmann Funeral Home; and
  • Release from escrow and/or trust all funds currently being held as consideration for the subject Preneed Contract, for subsequent deposit to such trust or escrow as may be selected by G.H. Herrmann Funeral Home, as the Successor Seller.  You are further directed to provide an itemized statement disclosing all preneed services or merchandise delivered as of the date of transfer.

G.H. Herrmann Funeral Home will provide all required notices to the Trustee/Escrow Agent

Name of Funeral Home:
Preneed Contract of (Name and Address) :
Date of Contract (MM/DD/YYYY):
Trustee or Escrow Agent:
Purchaser’s Designation of Successor Seller: The undersigned, as Purchaser of the Preneed Contract identified herein, hereby designates G.H. Herrmann Funeral Home as the Successor Seller of such Contract pursuant to the exclusive authority established by Indiana Code 30-1-13-13 (b)
Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Name of Purchaser:


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